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MAM was established in 1998 with its first factory in Qalyoub as a successful low voltage panel builder for the Egyptian market.
From the very start, it has been driven by the principles of long term customers’ satisfaction. A range of products and services have been offered to the growing demands of the Egyptian market; resulting in the acquisition of a great deal of experiences.
Recently in 2016, a second factory was inaugurated in Badr Industrial Area for the assembly of low voltage panels using the latest technologies and professional team of engineers; by which the quality of the products has been improved to assure meeting the exact requirements of clients and more.
Throughout the previous years, MAM has worked with reputable brands and created unconventional solutions in the industry.
It is proud to mention that MAM is a qualified panel builder for Schneider Electric having in compliance with its qualification criteria and has also become its Prisma Type Test partner.

Utilizing MAM’s resources efficiently and effectively with the latest project management methodologies, it is to target at the delivery of products and services with high quality standards that are safe and reliable to meet the exact requirements and satisfaction of the customers.

Since its early days, it has always been in MAM’s culture to be a reliable milestone and a vital player in the Egyptian electrical industry; reaching with experience gained on the way to cover every corner of the Egyptian and international markets with sustainable development and to leave a touch of MAM’s creative and innovative presence.


Established in 1998 with its first factory located at Qalyoub City, MAM has since been focusing on providing ultimate satisfaction to all customers through the production of Low Voltage Panels.
At the moment, MAM is operating through two factories:
  • Qalyoub - producing local panels, cable trays and sound insulation canopies for diesel generators.
  • Badr - building Schneider standard panels and busbars
Through the years, MAM has established itself as an efficient and reliable partner for different sectors (banking, governmental, construction, retailing, tourism, medical, oil & gas....) with products other than Low Voltage Panels including Medium Voltage products, cable trays, sound insulation canopies for diesel generators and busway systems.
Co-operating with international brand names, MAM has attained the most update technologies and know how to improve its products and services. MAM has never been behind in the acquisition and utilization of modern technologies and machinery. The machines installed in the two factories are mainly from Europe - Italy and Germany.
Proudly, MAM will like to mention that it has been awarded the first certificate in the region from Schneider Electric approving MAM as a qualified panel builder, core component panel builder (Prisma Type Test L and M) as well as a smart panel builder.
MAM is also involved in contracting and supplying to many turnkey projects offering a-z services from medium voltage to electrical wiring devices.
MAM stands for Maximum quality (supported by its team of expertise and skillful engineers and workers) And Minimum cost affordable to all.
MAM is looking forward to extending its products and services to the different sectors in the community; not only those situated in Egypt but to those in the neighboring GCC and African countries.
Through researches and development, MAM is committed to offer only the best to its clients and will continue to pursue the high end technologies in improving product and services functioning as well as services to satisfy the needs of all.




The nature of loads and electrical sources is strictly defined by the specific designing and manufacturing of this kind of LV panels. Furthermore, the international standards for this type of LV panels, including all electrical and mechanical protections are meticulously followed.
Control circuits are performed either using classical control circuits or using PLC.

Power factors below 1.0 require a utility to generate more than the minimum volt-amperes necessary to supply the real power (watts). This increases the generation and transmission costs.
MAM's power factor correction panels are using capacitor banks to guarantee improvement in power factor reading.
Maximum protection is provided to the capacitors in the panel.

Running and providing suitable protection for motors is crucial in maintaining the safety of the motors and the operators. MAM Is committed to applying the maximum protection in accordance with international standards and component manufacturers' coordination.

Home automation has now become more than just a luxury. Dreams can be turned into reality with MAM's home automation panels by controlling lights, blinds as well as electric switching to provide security to homes and facilities.

This type of panels can help contractors to connect to sources of electricity easily.

This type of panels is used in street lighting and outdoor lighting in general and can control the period of lighting through photocell sensors, timers and other devices.



MAM manufactures up to 1MVA; bearing in mind to achieve the highest degree of sound insulation while maintain the stability of the temperature of the operator.
MAM has been able, in a short period of time, to establish a good reputation in the industry accomplishing customers' models with unique quality and technical specifications to suit the Egyptian market.

MAM steel cable trays are fabricated from structural quality steel using a continuous roll-informed process. Forming and extrusions increase the mechanical strength. The main benefits of steel cable tray are its high strength and low cost.
The rate of corrosion will vary depending on many factors such as the environment, coating or protection applied and the composition of the steel.
MAM offers finishing and coatings to improve the corrosion resistance of the steel. These include pre-galvanizing.

Electrical contracting and supplies for turnkey projects provide all solutions starting from medium volt to electrical wiring devices.
Lighting and power
Telecommunication N/W
Security systems
Safety systems
Air conditioning systems
Low voltage panel boards
Motor control center

MAM provides technical support and solutions through a high caliber team of engineers and technicians that will meet with customer's expectations.


Finally, I would like to take this chance to express my sincere gratitude to our staff: without their hard work and commitments to sustain consistent quality level through their efforts, MAM would not have been where it is now. You will realize MAM is truly exceptional; thanks to each and every staff member.





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Administration: Dokki - Gizah
Factory(1): Qalyoub City
Factory(2): Badr City



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Sat. - Thu. 9AM - 6PM


Established in 1998 with its first factory located at Qalyoub City, MAM has since been focusing on providing ultimate satisfaction to all customers through the production of Low Voltage Panels.

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