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Since the beginning of MAM, we have specialized in the manufacturing of Main Distribution Panels. We have manufactured many MDB up to 6300A and installed them in different locations such as tourism resorts, factories, hospitals, banks, and administrative buildings.
Main & sub-main Panel Boards are part of low-voltage electrical systems used to divide an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits; while providing overloads and short circuits protection. in a common, it must be within an indoor floor-standing enclosure.


Prisma Spacial Local MAM (MAP)
Up to 4000A, Icw=85 KA Up to 6300A, Icw=85 KA Up to 6300A, Icw=85 KA
From 4 From 4 From 4
IEC61439-1&2 RAl 7035 RAl 7035 or upon request
RAl 7047 IP55 IP54
IP54 Sheet Metal / Stainless steel Sheet Metal / Stainless steel
Sheet Metal