A straight section is a length of cable tray that has no change in direction or size.

It can be trucking type or perforated type. The trucking type is a prefabricated metal structure consisting of a one-piece solid bottom channel section used for light current cables.

The perforated type is a prefabricated metal structure consisting of a one-piece solid Ventilated channel section used for light & medium power cables.

  • Standard cable trays are manufactured with the following standards unless otherwise specified:
    ▪ Standard Length of straight sections = 2, 2.5, 3 meters
    ▪ Perforated, solid, or combination as a straight section.
    ▪ Standard Span between supports = 1 meter.
    ▪ The standard flange profile is (XF) Flat End.
    ▪ Standard fittings have both bottom & side perforated.
    ▪ The standard connector is an external flat connector with a mushroom head square neck Bolt M6
    ▪ Standard C-Shape has a width of 40 mm, and a height of 20 mm, suitable for M8 Connector Bolt


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